Introduction to High-Fidelity Wraparound Training 

High-Fidelity Wraparound 101 Training is a 3-4 day training of 21 hours in length that will introduce newer practitioners to the practice, processes, and protocols of High-Fidelity Wraparound. This is also an ideal training course for experienced practitioners who may not have practiced for a while, or for those who have been training in Wraparound generally rather than High-Fidelity Wraparound (HFW).   

In this training you will be introduced to the following practice knowledge:   

  • Adopting and embedding the 10 Principles of Wraparound  
  • Understanding and navigating the 4 Phases of Wraparound  
  • Exploring the Theory of Change of Wraparound  
  • Measuring High-Fidelity with Tools and Processes in Wraparound  

 In addition, learners will be oriented with the following conceptual knowledge:  

  • Foundational Knowledge required to practice Wraparound with High-Fidelity  
  • Focus on Practice Skills to ensure learners ability to begin or pick up practice  
  • Essential philosophical and ethical shifts in thinking  
  • Engagement Strategies for consumers of HF Wraparound  
  • Development of Strengths-based, Trauma-informed, and other professional lenses that enhance HF Wraparound practice  
  • Challenges / Barriers common for newer practitioners  

 Get Certified!  

In addition to the 21 hours of introductory training, learners can also become certified in Competency in High-Fidelity Wraparound through Guided Coaching.   

Our Guided Coaching process is designed to start in as little as a month after training has been completed. This process is a series of 4 bi-weekly virtual meetings lasting two hours each. For the first hour a special topic in HF Wraparound is presented to deepen the knowledge and understanding of the practitioner. Hour two is for interactive activities with the Coach, or required activities on our Learning Management Platform, Eduflow. Between these meetings, learners will apply knowledge in Eduflow activities.   

Upon completion of the 4 Guided Coaching Sessions and associated learning activities, learners will submit a Reflective Essay and schedule a Final Exam. Test-takers must pass the test with a score of 80% or higher to achieve Competency Certification. Learners are given a second opportunity to take the test again after additional coaching if they are unable to meet the 80% threshold on the first try.   

Below is a list of all assignments for Competency Certification, which will be processed through Eduflow:  


  • Current resume     
  • Current Job Description  
  • Certificate of completion of Wraparound training through NCFIE  

 Completion of Guided Coaching Modules*:  

  • Engagement and Strengths Discovery  
  • Crisis and Safety Planning  
  • Natural Supports and Team Building  
  • Care Plans and SMART Goals  

*Modules are currently under development and titles may change  


  1. Elevator Speech  
  2. Crisis Planning Brainstorming  
  3. Social Support Mapping Activity  
  4. SMART Goals Activity Worksheet  
  5. Reflective Essay  
  6. Online Exam  


2016 National Wraparound Conference: Oceans of Opportunity Resources