Phil Scarpelli

President and Chief Executive Officer

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Dr. Valerie Holmes, PhD

Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

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Kathryn Parker

Executive Director, LMHC #14889

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Tracy Little, MBA


Tracy Little, MBA

Director of Wraparound Fidelity and Training

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Phil Scarpelli

President and Chief Executive Officer

Phil Scarpelli is the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Brevard Family Partnership Family of Agencies. Phil joined Brevard Family Partnership in November 2018. He has been proudly involved in Florida’s child welfare system since the inception of privatization, as early as the late 1990s. Previously, Phil worked as part of the Department of Children and Families Central Region’s Leadership on the professional development and talent management of its middle and senior managers. Prior to that, he was the State Director with Key Assets Florida, Inc., part of the International Core Assets Group, a leading children’s services provider.

Phil has 30 years of experience working in behavioral healthcare and child welfare in both clinical and administrative capacities. Throughout his career, he has been committed to children and families at risk, and to the development of a perpetual learning environment willing to challenge the status quo, embrace innovation, inclusion, transparency, and trust.

Phil has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Gerontology from Iona College and a Master’s Degree in Psychology from Yeshiva University.

Valerie Holmes

Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Master Trainer and Consultant

Dr. Valerie Holmes joined Brevard Family Partnership in its inception in 2004. She was instrumental in designing and refining the System of Care: training and engaging stakeholders through the start-up, privatization, and transition from a state-run to a community-based system. Dr. Holmes is also the founding Executive Director of Brevard C.A.R.E.S.; the agency’s subsidiary that provides a comprehensive child abuse prevention continuum; serving as the primary researcher credentialing the C.A.R.E.S. Model as an Evidenced Based Practice through the California Evidenced Based Clearinghouse, serving on the C.A.R.E.S. replication team and as a Master Trainer in Wraparound. Dr. Holmes led the agency in COA accreditation in intensive care coordination and case management, was awarded several state and federal grants, is a Certified Child Protection Professional and holds a Multi-System Integration Certificate in Juvenile Justice and Child Welfare from Georgetown University Public Policy Institute.

Dr. Valerie Holmes has worked in social services for 29 years and received a Ph.D. in Psychology, M.S. in Counseling and Psychology, and B.A. in Psychology.

Tracy Little, MBA

Director of Wraparound Fidelity and Training

As a former foster parent and legal guardian to children with mental health needs, Tracy is both a consumer and a seasoned Wraparound Practitioner. As the Director of Wraparound Fidelity and Training, he provides classroom training of Wraparound 101, Wraparound 201, and Advanced Facilitation Trainings, technical assistance, coaching, and mentoring. Tracy is a master practitioner who serves the system of care as he ensures continuous quality improvement of Wraparound and Family Team Conferencing and collects and uses data from the WOF to coach, mentor, and supervise Wraparound trainees and practitioners. In addition, Tracy serves as a Master Trainer and Consultant at the National Center for Innovation and Excellence.

Tracy has been involved in human services for many years and truly exemplifies family-centered, youth-driven care values. Tracy will stop at nothing to impart hope to those he encounters. His motto is to do whatever it takes, and that he does. No matter where he goes or who he works with Tracy is a role model and agent of change.

Tracy was instrumental in launching Brevard County’s signature child abuse prevention program, Brevard C.A.R.E.S. as the first Prevention and Diversion Care Coordinator hired in August of 2005. Since then, he has led the program as the Program Manager, and now leads our System of Care’s Wraparound efforts as the Wraparound Fidelity Liaison and member of the National Replication Team, most recently, being named the 2015 Child Abuse Prevention Task Force CAP Leader.

Recognized nationally for his work in the area of youth advocacy, Tracy has provided training for the National Wraparound Initiative in the area of Initial Family Engagement, and the role of the Family Partner. He holds a Master of Business Administration and has 20 years’ experience in the fields of child welfare and mental health. He also serves as a National Consultant and Trainer in family strengthening models.

Kathryn Parker, LMHC #14889

Executive Director

Kathryn Parker is currently the Executive Director for the National Center for Innovation & Excellence. Kathryn began her mental health career teaching life skills to adults with major mental illnesses such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Through this work, Kathryn was able to observe the impact families can have that may help or hinder a person with a major mental illness. This caused Kathryn to begin work with children and families.

She was able to help educate families on how to help their loved ones lead their best life possible. Kathryn has been working with children’s issues for over 15 years.

Kathryn transitioned to the Department of Children and Families as a Child Protective Investigator. It was through this work that she discovered that she was passionate about helping families before there is a need to have court involvement. She began working for Brevard C.A.R.E.S in 2015. Kathryn was initially hired as a Diversion Care Coordinator. Since that time, she has served in the roles of Family Engagement Specialist for the Safety Management Team, Mobile Response Team Coordinator, Non-Judicial In Home Services Supervisor, Chief Operations Officer, and Executive Director. She believes that having clinical training helps bring a perspective to managing the safety of children by bringing an understanding of how past trauma can impact parenting and ongoing behavioral change.

Kathryn graduated with a MS in Counseling Psychology from Palm Beach Atlantic University in August of 2012. She completed her Licensed Mental Health in Counseling in March of 2018. She also has a Bachelor’s in Administration from Columbia College and worked several years as an Assistant Branch manager for a national financial institution.

Kathryn is married with three children and is very involved with the worship team at her church. She believes a person’s religion, or the lack thereof, can have a significant impact on their ability to heal.