NCFIE consulting staff are not only national experts with a wealth of knowledge in human services, they are child and family serving practitioners with a proven track record in the field. Our team has transformed state, county, and other child and family serving systems. They have started nonprofit and grassroots agencies, implemented sustained Systems of Care, restructured organizations and programs, and provided leadership, technical assistance, consultation and training to numerous agencies throughout the United States.

Our staff have:

  • Developed and published curriculum,
  • Developed and managed provider networks
  • Converted categorical service delivery systems to flexible support unit rate systems
  • Designed to scale, evidence-based practice programs
  • Spearheaded privatization and reform initiatives
  • Established best practice standards
  • Attained accreditation
  • Devised policies and procedures
  • Designed and implemented utilization management and financial reporting systems
  • Applied for and received Legislative special appropriation funding
  • Leveraged public private partnerships

We have experience in virtually every aspect of human service management, ranging from piloting and managing residential and group care programs, community-based service delivery systems, foster care, establishment of levels of care criteria and continuum, crisis stabilization and assessment center programs, behavioral healthcare, prevention and diversion programs, outpatient and school based counseling  programs, and community and grassroots agencies.

We represent expertise in family-centered practice, high fidelity wraparound, systems of care, crisis management, trauma informed care, positive youth development, and prevention and diversion program development. We are well versed in regulatory compliance, quality assurance, innovative practice, financial management, community development and all aspects of system reform and transformative initiatives.