NCFIE Wraparound Recertification Requirements

To apply for the 2 year Wraparound Recertification the following is required:

• Applicant has successfully completed the NCFIE Wraparound Certification Institute and is in good standing with active certification status.

• A completed application with supporting documentation must be submitted 30 days prior to expiration.

• Evidence of successful completion of 24 eligible CEUs. CEU’s must be applicable to the principles of Wraparound practice.

• Submission of a notarized attestation of adherence to High Fidelity Wraparound Principles and Practice.

• Two letters of recommendation attesting to the student’s competency and proficiency in Wraparound.

• A current job description.

• A sample Fidelity Tool used at the site.

• Most recent 12 months fidelity data report.

• $300.00 Recertification Fee paid via check made out to the NCFIE or pay online through PayPal via credit card here

2018 NCFIE Wraparound Recertification Requirements

To begin the recertification process, please log in to the NCFIE student portal here:

If you need assistance, please contact Karen Davis at 321.752.4650 or