• CCNY Eric County, NY
  • Orange County NY SOC
  • Jim Casey Youth Opportunities Initiative
  • City of McKeesport, PA Mayor’s Office YouthCAST Leadership Program
  • The Center for the Study of Social Policy
  • Social Services, Shenandoah Valley, Virginia
  • Families First Network, Lakeview Center, Pensacola Florida
  • State of Florida System of Care Expansion Grant: Statewide Wraparound Training & Certification

“Osceola Wraparound and the 125 plus families we have supported to date would not have been possible without the expertise of Tracy Pellegrino and Tricia Teal. They were both present in the very beginning planning stages as we developed our plan to bring Wraparound to Osceola County. Both were available for advise and consultation and Tricia provided training for all of our WrapAround coaches. It is not only the training and knowledge they bring to WrapAround that makes the difference however, they believe in the success of each family that is supported by WrapAround teams and allowed to have a voice in their therapy, their family, their needs. Their compassion and understanding of the needs of our families has allowed much success in their lives. The WrapAround process changes the journey for many families and Tracy and Tricia were critical in making that happen in Osceola County.”

Elizabeth Lane, Coordinator of Student Services, Osceola District Schools